Saturday, May 9, 2015

Katie Friese- Final

And we're done. I could probably render this forever tbh

Kirolous Ayad Week 14 FINAL Edit (I'm done forever...)

Thank you for a great class ! Thanks for keeping me red...

Sarah Turner - Final

Late Assignments

Female portrait of Emma Stone!
Male portrait of Benedong Cumberhanger :p
Week 1-Spheres and Cubes

Week 2-Car Shading

Week 3- 3 Maquettes

Week 7- Blocking

Missing Work (2 Speed Paints, The Car Study, and My Poor Attempt at Portraiture Progress)--Thanks for a great class!

Dezi Corey Missing assignments?

I think this is most of them ?

Dezi Corey Final :D

AHAHHA IT IS DONE AHAH.. *cries forever*

Edison Breathes Heavily v1.2

Patch has been released for EdisonFinal.exe
-Fixed perspective issues on pistols
-Fixed BG
-Increased saturation on the Inklings
-Darker shading/ more rendering
-SPLAT! i feel like it frames the picture

Have a gr8 summer m8

Jason Ward Final (Still WIP)

Kirolous Ayad Week 14( Final)

Katie Friese- Late Portrait study of doom

Dahlia Goolsby Final

Alexis Lopez Final

ref page yo!

Amy Motsenbocker Male Portrait

Kirolous Ayad Week 14 (final) Help please... Thanks

Berlin Lopez Final

Edited! :)

Julie Tran Final

Tina Grillo Final

I did some stuff

Katie Friese WIIPPPishhhhhhh

it's mostly done. but paint overs

Edison Breathes Heavily for 15 Weeks

wHale would you look at that! What a great semester, thank you so much boss!!!

and while Inklings don't have maquettes... they have the next best thing... Amiibo figures! (ref below)

Simone Stivi Final

Amy Motsenbocker Final